Aloha! Welcome to Clark Heating and Cooling, where we strive to provide the best quality Air Conditioner and Heater service in the Phoenix area so that you can enjoy the comforts of the perfect interior temperature of your home. We provide certified professional and personal care in every area of our business.

Why “Aloha” When We Live In Phoenix, You Say?

For starters, not only do we love Hawaii, our company has ties to this beautiful state! We share more about why here. Hawaii is known for being a place of paradise, and our goal is to provide you such unbelievable service that your home or office will feel like own personal paradise each and every day!

While we all have our own comfort level, it’s recommended that the perfect indoor temperature sits between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Since we experience extremely hot summer temperatures in Phoenix, achieving the perfect indoor temperature can be difficult to achieve, especially if your equipment isn’t working properly. Something will eventually give. When that happens, our full service team is ready to take care of all your heating and cooling needs!

Things You Should Consider When Hiring an AC/Heating Contractor

Not all air-conditioning and heating contractors are equal. Even in the Phoenix Valley, there are different variables between all air-conditioning and heating contractors.

What sets Clark Heating and Cooling apart from our competition is that our service oriented team of technicians are licensed and bonded as well as registered with the state of Arizona for all sales, service and installation of residential and commercial gas and electric units. What that means to you is that our team is qualified to perform the service and the scope of work necessary for the project. From complicated new installations to simple service calls our team is well trained, tested and licensed to do the job.

We work with only the best product and service based companies that back up their offering with warranties and standards that support their dealers, distributors and end users. While service is always number one, energy savings and improved air quality are two additional areas we believe in and want to pass through to our valued customers.

Energy Savings

The price of electricity in August of 2013 for Arizona averaged 12.44 cents per kilowatt hour for residential homes. That might not seem like a lot, but it can add up quick. This is especially true if you don’t own an energy efficient air handling unit.

Energy Star qualification is a standard in which all heating and cooling manufacturers must either meet or exceed the minimum ratings of efficiency that were developed for their voluntary program for residential and commercial end users to save money and earth resources in support of the EPA Clean Air Act of 1992, Section 103g. The Energy Star program has been an integral component in early adoption of energy efficiency and best practices that set the standard going forward fostering continued education for both the consumer and the professional.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is all about the size and types of allergen particulates that exist in the air that we breathe from pollution, to dust, to chemical contaminants and others such as smoke, mildew, bacteria, pet dander and pollen. Many of our clients think that because they spend a lot of time indoors that they are avoiding pollution. According to the World Health Organization, 4.3 million people a year die as a result of indoor air pollution. With pollutants such as asbestos, lead, formaldehyde in any pressed wood or furniture, to cooking on your stove, indoor air pollution truly exists. Having a proper air unit that does 3 things; cleans the air by utilizing a proper air filtration process while reducing household and other contaminants and also ventilates your home and/or business is becoming more and more important.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s role for indoor air quality (IAQ) is to research issues, evaluate possible solutions to set standards for healthy living and to educate consumers and the public of possible associated health risks. Please feel free to learn more about the EPA here.

With companies like Trane, Rheem, Day and Night and Armstrong, we have all of those bases above covered and more.

We Operate the Island Way.. No Pressure!

When you call us for service we will come out to your location.  Our service technician will analyze problem by asking questions to get to the root cause of issue. Then we offer suggestions for solving the issue based on our findings.

The Clark service technicians will properly diagnose and estimate each and every job. We simply want to help solve your issue and get you back to your indoor paradise as soon as possible.

Regular Fall and Spring Maintenance Checks

We are full service and it’s important to help you keep your costs low while not being caught by surprise during the cold winter months or warm summer days. This is done through regular routine maintenance. The Clark Heating and Cooling team goes above and beyond with routine maintenance inspections that will keep your unit in the best shape possible to achieve great energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality control. Our standard is a 22 Point Inspection to ensure everything within your air unit and ducting are working properly. It’s in depth and accurate. Think of it as your crystal ball to what may happen next.

At Clark Heating and Cooling, our number one goal is the happiness of each and every one of our clients, whether they are commercial or residential. We accomplish that through excellent Aloha service, caring for our clients and our environment AND bringing the best possible products to the market. Combined, this all speaks volumes in how we work. We’d be honored if you gave us a call today to service your needs.

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